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KW SOLAR SOLUTIONS, INC has been delivering results by installing Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Power Systems for Residential Homeowners, Commercial Businesses and Agricultural Farms; as well as making a green impact in our communities Government Buildings, Schools, Colleges and Churches since we opened in 2004. Our goal as Delaware’s 1st Only Renewable Energy Company is always to provide a superior customer experience, add tremendous value and savings for our customers. Helping folks, go solar in the Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania Tri State region is still our passion.

KW Solar Solutions Inc. owner Dale Wolf has over 16 years of experience in SOLAR PHOTOVOLTAIC (PV) INSTALLATION MARKET & RENEWABLE ENERGY PRODUCTS as a local family owned business, he and his staff are passionate about exceeding your expectations. We also Thank you for visiting our website.

KW Solar Solutions Inc’s mission is to provide state-of-the-art solar panels and solar power inverters. Allowing our customers to create their own energy and monitor their solar energy power production. Put your energy output back into the Local Power Grid for friends and neighbors or we can install a Powerwall / Home Battery System to take you off the grid. We can also help with generators in case of a power outage. We work hard to give you top-quality sales assistance, design consultation, customer service and follow-up. Making sure you get the most out of solar powers many benefits.

KW Solar Solutions will custom design and install high quality residential or commercial solar power PV systems. Our solar power solutions can save you money today while minimizing future environmental impacts. We offer the best solar panel installation and specialize in solar panel maintenance.


Learn how KW Solar Solutions Inc can reduce or eliminate your energy bills. How Solar incentives in certain Counties, States, and on a Federal level help with Solar Grants or Solar Income Tax Credits, the USDA in some instances can help local businesses and Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECs) a solar incentive that allows homeowners to sell certificates for energy to their utility. A homeowner earns one SREC for every 1000-kilowatt hours (KWhs) produced by their solar panel system. An SREC can be worth over $300 in certain states all helping offset costs while rewarding our community for working towards a future of renewable energy and sustainability.

We even offer energy cost savings or no installation or maintenance cost alternatives like Solar Power Purchase Agreements if your business, farm or nonprofit uses a given amount of energy annually.  

We love our customers, welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Request for Quotation (RfQ) link if you have any questions about going solar.

Need a free no obligation solar quote, include your full name, email and physical address the best phone number and time to reach you. Your monthly energy usage or annual usage and your bill amount or cost of consumption. If you don’t know the last part it’s okay will send you a document to eSign that will allow us to get the billing information, so we can design you a system to eliminate or reduce your energy bills. Please feel free to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on.

Kind Regards,

Dale Wolf

As the co-founder and now sole owner of KW Solar Solutions, Dale has sixteen years’ experience as a general manager in the solar industry. As such he has overseen the installation of all commercial, military and residential projects done by the company. Dale has certifications in both photovoltaics and solar thermal hot water systems. He has his NABCEP certification (North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners # PV-041115-010921). His background in construction spans over thirty years
AUGUST 1, 2017
The staff at KW Solar Solutions was proud to work with Habitat for Humanity to install a 3.75kW Solar Array on a home in Aberdeen, MD. Our crew volunteered their time to install the 15-panel system and micro inverters.
The homeowner was thrilled about this solar installation as it will significantly reduce her electric bill each month. It was a wonderful experience and it brings great satisfaction to know we helped make a difference in someone’s life.